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Georges Wendell's Story

When the world discovered Afterhomework Paris in 2016, Pierre Kaczmarek and his team were still high school students. In 2020, having known their vision and developed their style, they decided to revive a sleepy old ready-to-wear male brand and make it their new playground. Georges Wendell reflects Paris Youth of today, a generation that comes from all over the city and takes inspiration from each of its facets. True believer of social success coming from hard work, Georges Wendell paints the silhouette of the Parisian youth that puts efforts to do well, knows the statutory codes to express its social success and loves playing with them. It takes inspiration from Paris districts stereotypes, these neighbourhood heroes that are sometimes their own caricatures. Coming from all over the city and every layer of society, from the traditional Garçon de café, to the business man, to the retail owner that you will find in Sentier, Paris legendary garment district. The tailoring oriented silhouettes are a mix of every district style and feel, genuinely combined and rearranged to represent a rawer, younger version of Paris.